Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tablet PC

I've had the Wacom Intuos tablet for a few years, and I haven't even used it that much, but now that I am getting into more situations using Max where I want to make my own materials, I've been fantasizing about the tablet PC's which enable you to actually draw directly on the monitor screen. The Wacom Intuos has the orientation of space about it, that initially can be odd, but even after you get used to it, every now and then you find your pen accidentally in the wrong place if you look away from the tablet for too long. I like the idea of the swivel monitor making it easy to use as a standard machine, but also easily manipulated to draw comfortably on your lap. I imagine that Wacom's new Cintiq is best designed for animators, but the price is so high. There have been a few tablet PC's mentioned as compatible for animators online and I have noticed the prices seem to be dropping, but not enough for me to get away with it yet. There is an interesting blog from November 2004 discussing an artists use of a tablet pc here. also has a lengthy discussion on the topic at their message board. I have Plastic Animation Paper installed onto my laptop system, which I've played around with using my current Wacom. I have the light version, so it's pretty watered down. I think I could do the same with low opacity Photoshop layers, although I have been reading about specific drawing programs for tablet PC's, such as the one mentioned on the blog listed above. Has anyone used Flipbook or Alias Sketchbook? I will keep researching this topic until I find the right system, (possibly software) and market drop! Fellow animators, feel free to comment on this topic...


Blogger Andrew Doll said...

Hey Gina,

I just came across your blog today and it seemed pretty interesting. I too am in the market for a tablet pc. Being an Intuos owner I also understand the odd feeling of watching the screen instead of what you are drawing. Anyway, I have both Digicel Flipbook and Alias Sketchbook Pro...I haven't tried them on a tablet pc yet, but with my current wacom tablet both apps rock. I am currently doing storyboards on a canadian television series and I am doing them digitally in sketchbook pro...The best thing since sliced bread. Flipbook is the best program out there if you want to do traditional hand drawn animation...It is the perfect pencil test system. Although it is pretty much only good for that.....drawing in Flipbook with a tablet really doesn't do the program much Sketchbook Pro for drawing and Flipbook for testing. Feel free to check out my blog or even add me to msn if you use it. Always looking to expand my network of animators.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Hi Andrew, thanks for stopping by, glad to have you here. I did get the Toshiba tablet and I like it very much. It all came natural, nothing to get used to like the wacom. A lot of artists swear by it but I could never adjust, perhaps it's because we started out as traditional artists. I've been to your blog and it looks as though you draw on paper like I do, so the tablet might just suit us better than those who started out digital. Ah, yes Flipbook, I left a bit of myself there somewhere! I've got sketchbook and a couple of other programs for my tablet, I would like to get back to it a bit more, work on a long sequence project..... in time I will. Come back soon!

1:28 AM  
Blogger Andrew Doll said...

Thats awesome to hear that you got yourself the tablet and you are loving it....I just bought my parents a new laptop and will be getting one for my girlfriend coming up at christmas time...but when I do get the money in place for a new computer for me, I'd like to get a tablet....I've been looking at all of the toshiba tablets, but just can't decide on which one would be the best for me...Which one did you end up getting?

1:01 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

That sounds great, you will love it. I ended up getting the Toshiba Portege M205-S810 although there might be some newer models out there now that suit your needs better, just do some comparison shop. Feel free to post on my other animation entries, nice to have you here!

9:40 PM  

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