Friday, February 17, 2006

Butterflies and dragonflies

Here is a compilation image of stills that I took from the completed video of a job in which I was commissioned by a producer (who is working on a movie called The Suit) to create animated looping butterflies and dragonflies. I was sent a copy of the finished movie on a disk which is very lovely and I will save for my portfolio but since my work over lays the producers work, to avoid any copyright issues I will refrain from showing the movie online. It has a commercial quality but with more of a historical background and a lot longer, so I am not exactly sure how it will be used. They already had the design and colors for the butterfly/dragonfly so I had to make a replica, I did this by importing their image into the 3D Max background and making an exact 3 d model with splines and then applying modifiers. This was another one of those good experiences where I learned something new.


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