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Have you guys taken a look at LOR (Lots of Robots) by Andy Murdock? The lighting, ambiance, audio and particles keep you entranced. What do you think he's doing with the lighting, and what renderer do you think he's using? He has some other cool stuff at his site too, check out the right nav bar on his Gallery link.

The instructor I had when I took my first 3DS Fundamentals Class told me about LOR, and I bought the DVD when it came out. This guy is a triple threat, he cam animate, create audio and work in traditional media. Two out of three isn't bad, and I do have a Casio (which I can play) and I have some midi software/cable plugin, but I really need to do some educating to be able to produce some nice musical tracks via my computer. I still haven't figured out the midi to music transfer, so for right now I would only be able to use music I mixed in Acid pro or live recording of my keyboard using a microphone. Is anyone knowledgeable in midi play?


Anonymous heyJulius from 3d-Buzz said...

Hi, I saw your post at 3d-Buzz.

About midi, if you have a joystick port, you can use this to record midi signals, there's also several usb 2 midi interfaces, I use the Midisport from Midiman.
If you have the cable, you can check your multimedia devices, and look for Mpu-401, this is the joystick port.

For the recording part, there are a mass of programs.
One option would be to get Reason from Propellerheads, this package has a lot of quality sounds, there are also sound cards like the Yamaha XG series, wich have a few decent sounds.
I use both Reason and Cubase, there's some really great instruments on the market today, and there's a lot of free instruments too.
Ofcourse some of this needs a small budget, but I guess so does every other hobby too!

6:20 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

I did get a M-AUDIO USB Midisport Uno MIDI Interface and I hooked it all up. I think what is confusing is that you hook up your device, which has a million options, and you don't hear music in the way which you think it should, there is a thin low stream underneath some background environment noise. I haven't figured out how you work the device's input with the program? Is there a way to just play straight into your computer with pure sound as a result? Or am I just dreaming?
I've got Cakewalk but it loads it tells me to pick a MIDI output - I only see one thing listed "Microsoft MIDI mapper", this is correct to select? I also have Acid Pro. I haven't heard of those programs you mention. I'll have to check them out. Gina

6:38 PM  
Blogger Stefan Boeykens said...

There are two MIDI directions: one is from external sources, such as your CASIO keyboard into the music software. You only need to enable MIDI IN in your software.

The other is MIDI OUT, which allows your software to control your external MIDI hardware (or software). You don't immediately need this when you just want to play something on your keyboard.

The question is: do you need the sound from the external keyboard or not?

If not, then MIDI signals is what you want and they will simply be used to trigger notes. You can play and alter and adjust the notes (using different tempo, different sounds, different scale and even correct mistakes and groove).

If you need the sounds, then it's different. You can do the first step first, to record and adjust your perfomance and then connect the AUDIO OUT or the HEADPHONE jack from your keyboard into the soundcard (AUDIO IN or LINE IN). Then you can record that in your music software. The end result is an audio file, typically WAV that can be played in your audio or sequencing software.

12:38 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

Yes, I've been trying to research this a bit and I think I might have perhaps jump the gun with assuming I wanted to use MIDI. Yes, I do have an external keyboard, but what I really want is to record the pure sound from my board, rather than MIDI. If I plug into my laptop, this will eliminate background noise? I'm trying to figure out which program would be best for this.

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