Saturday, April 23, 2005


The Hummer Evolution television commercial spot is a 3D Kaleidoscopic animation sequence produced by Stockholm based Filmtecknarna, founded in 1981. The award winning company is involved in various aspects of the graphics market, cgi, stop motion, claymation and cel animation. For this project they used SoftImage and EI (Electric Image) Modeler.
If you haven't had an opprotunity to see the commercial you can download it here 6.7mb (click the images on the right).
I couldn't afford to actually purchase the advertised Hummer, but I can afford to watch this awesome commercial over and over again.

I was thinking about how this works, and now I'm itchin' to animate an object, cut it, mirror it, and align the mirrors into different centered positions. It can't be that simple can it? If you move through the movie sequence frame by frame you see that they don't do it the same every time, in some of them the timing of subsequent mirrored objects is delayed - so the objects look like they are coming together one by one. At the beginning, they have multiples of the Hummer fanning out of the single yellow Hummer and at the end, they have multiples of the black Hummer fanning into the Hummer bed until only one Hummer remains. I still haven't figured out how they did the sequence with the enlarged grill (yellow Hummer), unless some of the Hummers are transparent?


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hi Gina, the hummer was great seeing you and Jim and his hair. You look so in love together! Kris

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