Saturday, March 08, 2008


I have the Autodesk 2008 releases running on Vista. Both Max 2008 and Combustion 2008 are running without any compatibility issues on this latest version of Windows. I have had them on my system long enough that I feel confident in reporting this to you. I always like to wait a while after the release of a new operating system to switch over, this way a lot of the bugs can get worked out and patches get worked in seamlessly. This of course is not on my Boxx workstation, I am still running XP on that system as it is a 5 raid core and I have all kinds of complicated set ups and program relationships on it. But, on your average bear (of a computer) the 2008 releases are now capable of running on Vista (the tested system is a Sony Vaio VGN). As for the Boxx, it's running the same 2008 versions as the Vista system also without any problems, so the programs are cross compatible. ~Tip for Vista upgrades. If you upgraded or just got a Vista system and your browser crashes all the time, I tried many solutions and the only one that worked was to go to the Adobe website and download the latest flash player.


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