Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Max Mail

It's almost 12 noon, the mail should be here. Yes, the mailbox is tilting downward, red flag that it's weighted down with letters and magazines. There's a box on the ground, that's funny, I didn't order anything...........oh, it's from Autodesk. 3DS Max 8 has shipped! It seems like only yesterday I received version 7. In fact I don't even have 7 installed yet, but there is a method to my delaying Max installs. I have multiple plug ins and as many animators know, when a new version of your program is released, your plug ins may not be immediately compatible, so I wait for the plug ins to be updated. I'll have to investigate my plug ins at their online homes to see how they match up with 7, never the less 8. Another complication with immediate installation is the swapping factor. Not all files that are swapped between animators who have different versions can be viewed, or include materials. One epiphany here, perhaps I should get a little more on schedule with 7 now that 8 is out. Time to go check those plug in patches.
PRN news release.
Also of note - I wouldn't worry about Autodesk keeping up with the Jones's as they announced their acquisition of competitor Alias earlier this month. Read the Macworld press release.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Gina!
I am back from the woods! (just kidding;)). Just wanted to let you know that the electrical engineers that received the link to your dermal display at my company, just loved it! They feel kind of challenged, though. I told them that "would be nice for them to come up with one of those displays!"
Well, well...You know, I am working on my MEMS course at UW, and I am very excited about a design project that I have to do. I came up with a very exciting idea for the project.
Tell you the truth, now I am thinking about founding my own manufacturing company in the near future.
Thank you for your inspiring work!

3:41 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Good to hear from you again Martha. Sounds like you've been busy and for quite the commendable reason. Your own company, what an amazing prospect, you must have some great ideas. I hope to hear more about this and your design project, perhaps when it is complete and you have some extra time? If you ever need visuals.... ; )
Thank you so much for forwarding my animation along and for letting me in on the response. Your suggestion (to your EEs) is such a powerful meme - one that I hope the dermal animation (and hopefully others) will generate more of, on two points I suppose. One, the endless possibilities that nanotech applications could provide, and there for number two, motivation towards the "how do we get there" question, which could eventually lead to support, research and reality. Thank you again for the words of encouragement, it makes me want to get started on another project - you are a muse.

3:24 AM  

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