Friday, November 11, 2005

PC Magazine - On Stands Now

My dermal display animation has made a visual appearance included with a small interview by my collaborator and author Robert A. Freitas Jr. , in the current issue of PC Magazine, November 22, 2005, page 22 "Hand me my Data", on stands now at your local market (or other). Thank you M.O. for the heads up. Unfortunately my name seems to be missing but I have sent out an email request for a correction in the paper publication as well as the online version which (although one of the images is missing in this version) you can see here. Above image: the cover of current Nov. 22 Issue.
I honestly can't tell if this is one of the media houses that I sent my release to or not. I went searching through my email sent box and it was full of releases that I had sent from 9/22 to 9/29 with up to 79 emails I sent out a day. With that many I didn't bother to continue to track it down.
By doing a Google search for "Hand me my Data" I found another site (obviously a feed) that has a comment box for viewers on this article. Its' here at Extreme Biochips and at a sister site of Extreme Nano.


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