Saturday, December 27, 2008

Update on this post - The Voting is now closed

Hello friends! Hope you are having a very merry Christmas. Remember when you voted for my animation and I made it through that first round well now it's for the final round of voting! The winner will take home 20 thousand dollars! If I can win this, I will use it for my big project. Please use your previously created username and password (or register if you haven't already) to log into after you have logged in, click view and vote, then click on the Inspirations video by Gina Miller ( and check the purple box below the video. You can vote one time every day until the 29th, so if you could, I would of course be very, very thankful. Looks like I really could use your help right now too because I'm at zero percent. By the way, if after you check the purple box you go to a java script error page, click your back arrow to go back to the page and check it one more time, it looks like it will be checked after that. Happy holidays!!! If you need any help just email me. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Gina
Update on this post - The Voting is now closed


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