Sunday, May 29, 2005

More on Tablet PC's

I've been playing around with my new Tablet PC . It takes some getting used to, and I had to change some default settings. When I am drawing, and I have to hold my pen down to drag an object inside of Toon Boom (2d animation program) the pen would start up the right click pop up window. This was definitely interfering with what I was doing. I had to go into the control panel to uncheck this setting. It's really not necessary anyway, since the button on the pen will do the same thing. Aside from that minor inconvenience, I've been having a whole lot of fun. I've been working on a small project inside of Toon Boon, but it's a little more complicated than the animation I did today so it will take a while longer for it to be finished. I do have a quick scene uploaded on my website that I created using PAP on my tablet PC. You can see it here . There is no denying that a tablet PC is an incredible tool for the traditional artist and I look forward to what I will be inspired to create.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Nanofuture Book

I received my copy of Nanofuture by J. Storrs Hall PhD which is the first book to include an image of my first technical animation Rotary. Although many of my other works have been featured in books, magazines etc. this was the first to publish one of my works that was actually based on a nanoscale design rather than my own general speculative ideas regarding the future of advanced technologies, and often times more whimsical pieces. This is pretty exciting and is motivation to keep focusing my work in a technical direction. You can see a scan from the book here . You can download my animation of this still at my website . This is a wonderful book with a forward by K. Eric Drexler, who's design it was that my Rotary animation was based on. Anyone interested in nanotech should check this book out.