Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Mark

My newest animation, The Mark is now a contender in the "Drama" category at the 25 thousand dollar Aniboom competition. My original footage is in hi definition, this means it has a wide screen, and since the Aniboom site has square windows for animation viewing, my footage has been squished together to fit, making things appear sort of skinny and tall. Here's what I recommend, watch the video (the large sized one) at my webpage here (where you can also read a whole lot about this animation), after you watch it then go to the Aniboom site and rate it. Do this by going here and clicking the farthest right boom ball (by the "your vote"), they will ask you to register, but it's super easy to do! After that you can now rate it (click the ball again) and it will work, you will see a thank you window as proof! Or you can do this in reverse by just going to the front page and clicking the blue login button up in the top right corner, here you will be able to register, you can then go to my "The Mark" page and vote right away the first time. I hope you enjoy the animation and that it gives you meaning, it was very cathartic to make. And I thank you my dear friends and family for your votes and your support! Turn up your volume!
P.S. My Odyssey fractal animation is also in this contest, in the "Expeirimental" category and you can vote for it here! Thank you, thank you!