Monday, November 12, 2007

Another animation presentation

Last week I gave another talk on animation at a very beautiful brand new school in California, The Williams Academy, in the photo I am pictured with Dr. Williams himself, founder of the school.

It really is a remarkable experience, especially when you see there is a real spark of interest in a child's face. And like my mother has said, "when you teach, you are also learning something". Indeed it provides an opportunity to formulate the best means of communicating your ideas and invites revelations in the process.

I concluded my talk with the message that YES, you really can achieve your dreams, it doesn't matter what your starting point is, all you have to do is figure out what you need to learn and learn it.
In my own journey, looking back I have come so far, my work started out small and this led to a sense of minor accomplishment which fueled the next, so on and so forth, each new project a little more ambitious than the next. At some point during this evolution I began to feel a real sense of freedom (freedom to create any vision). In the beginning I felt controlled by the program, but with the body of work created between here and there (especially with plots and storylines) I now feel that I control my programs. It's a beautiful thing, learning and expanding, no matter what the topic. The human mind is a brilliant ball of clay.