Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mona Lisa Speaks

In this animation I bring the Mona Lisa to life. She is going to address a very popular question. I also brought in some more of da Vinci's works to fill the space. I have two versions and would very much like to hear your preference and why. So please come back here to comment! Even if it's just after watching one. Click here to go to my website and watch the videos. : )

Friday, January 04, 2008

Heinz Again!

click pic to enlarge
You may recall that back in August I had told you about the Heinz top this TV challenge - which you've probably also noticed advertized on recent Heinz ketchup bottles. I had made and submitted two animations for the contest but did not win. Well recently I received in my mailbox, a very small 2 inch tall ketchup bottle with my name on it - see the pic. They are running another contest that is the same as the first one. So I re-entered my previous entries. I don't think the end result will be any different for me, but since I already did the work the last time, there was no harm in giving it another shot. I have noticed that with a lot of these type of video contests they tend to go for the more average Joe with a hand held video camcorder. Appeasing to the every man. I don't see a lot of animations in the contests or many of them taking prizes. I don't know if they know that I really am - well not exactly an average Joe (unaverage Gina?), but that I am just one person doing all this work. They will pick 10 semi finalists in April and they will be whittled down from there. Either way, I like the bottle they sent me. But should I use it?