Monday, December 19, 2005

Drew Carey

Just last night I was discussing with my childhood best friend how television can lead us to become so distracted from our work or other duties in life, and yet today I'm flipping through the channels..... but wait, my animators sonar detects a title with the term "green screen" in it. I've got to check this out. It turns out to be Drew Carey's Green Screen Show where like his previous show Whose Line is it Anyway? it is an improv concept utilizing a few dialog suggestions or sometimes audience participation. The difference with this show is that it is performed live in front of a green screen set and in post production animators create relevant cartoon backgrounds, objects and characters to the set (ala Who Framed Roger Rabbit). I caught and recorded two episodes which featured 2D animations so there probably won't be any 3D in the pipeline, but I will watch out for it. Here is three page article at Animation World Magazine. According to this write up Acme Filmworks is the animation studio working on the show. Doing some research, I found there was also some collaborative work done by Flickerlab who worked on the animation for two of the segments, Bill Plympton (remember Plymtoons?) worked on four episodes 4 episodes: "The Boy Who Stole Florida", "Puker 4000", "Plie" and "The Inventors". Inspirational stuff for the animator (cave girl grunts "see t.v. good") and entertaining for the viewer in general.


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