Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Splish splash I was making a flash-

I'm still in the middle of my animation project, but I have also begun working on a fully Flash website, which I will announce later when it is complete. I had only worked with Flash previously when creating my splash page for and it was just the "enter" button in the center and the "" fall, never mind that it was years ago. I really like Flash, it's always fun for me to play around in a new environment (especially when I've been convoluted by different programs for extended periods of time)! But, there's just one thing, I don't ever want to deal with scripts for an email submit form button again! Yikes! Flash appears to be script heavy when it comes to anything more complicated than a hyperlink. I upgraded to MX, which has no problem opening early versions files, but the .swf's need to be exported as MX and not MX2004 if you want to send it to someone with an older version of Flash. For now, I'll have to go back to focusing on my project, and put this aside since this doesn't have a timeline!


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